Meet the friendly staff at The Family Pet Veterinary Clinic!

  • Dr. Jennifer Duster, DVM

    Dr. Duster is a 1999 graduate of Iowa State University. She bought the clinic in October of 2007 after working in Minnesota and Wisconsin for several years and then working as a relief veterinarian in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area for 4 years.  She is pictured here with her dog Cosmo (a clinic regular) who is one of many pets - dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, cow, rabbit, and horses that Dr. Duster has at home.  When she is not at the clinic she is busy raising 5 kids, gardening and running. 

  • Dr.
    Gene Szymkowiak

    Dr Gene has been practicing in Iowa since 2001 when he graduated from Iowa State's College of Veterinary Medicine.  He is fascinated by the co-evolution of companion animals and humans that has allowed us to live with dogs and cats as part of our families.  When not practicing at the clinic Gene and his wife Erin enjoy restoring and reconstructing prairie habitat so that our wild animals can also thrive.  Their Greyhounds Alice and Account are always eager to help. 

  • Kendra Stuart
    Technician and Office Manager

    Kendra has been working for veterinarians longer than she cares to admit.  She 'came with the building' when Dr. Duster started the Family Pet in 2007.  Kendra can be found in the company of her dogs - Indy and Squirrel who also are at the clinic everyday.  At home there are four cats, two horses and a flock of chickens.

  • Larissa Penderson

    Larissa joined our team in 2015. Larissa has worked in clinics around the state of Iowa and Illinois. Her love for animals started when she was young growing up on a farm.  She has her dog Edie,  four cats and some goats at home. She loves spending time with her daughter and her pets.

  • Angela Bleeker

    Angela joined our team in 2017.  Prior to working at the Family Pet, Angela has previous experience working in a zoo and has worked as a technician for several veterinarians in the area.  Angela also runs her own business - Scales2Tails - as a professional in-home pet care specialist.  In her off time, Angela is busy with her two kids and enjoys spending time outside. 

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